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ready-to-use visual recognition solutions.

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We build AI-enabled services and applications using computer vision technology.

Image Recognition

We provide reliable and customer-oriented image recognition services based on our Deep Learning expertise. Our image recognition solutions can understand, categorize and classify your images and videos in near real-time with very high confidence scores.

Video Analytics

We provide video analytics solutions for various surveillance cameras to analyze high-resolution videos faster, more accurately and reliable.

Object Detection and Tracking

We build custom Deep Learning models to find and identify objects in image and video data. Our object detection and tracking algorithms can identify and track unique objects in near real-time with very high mAP (mean Average Precision) scores.

Data Labeling and Management

We label data to build Deep Learning models. We manage data labeling processes and performance of human annotators with our Labeling Management Suite.

Visual Search and Similarity

We provide visual search and similarity services for our customers to get the most visually similar objects in their images with visual search based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

AI Platform

Our AI platform is a web service that enables customers to create custom image classification, object detection and image segmentation models by leveraging pre-built models to rapidly identify objects and scenes in image and video data.

We have the capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions that effectively satisfy your company’s specifications and unique requirements.


Model Licensing
Our Visual Recognition APIs process images, video and live streams. Prices differ depending on the number of label and the volume of data to be processed. Plans are built with big volume discounts and competitive pricing to suit your business needs.

Custom Integrations
Our AI Products can be integrated with your specific infrastructure. We provide easy integration and simple pricing model that best fits your requirements.

Deployment Scenarios

We provide immediate access with a simple cloud API and web services.

On Premise
Our APIs and custom AI models can be deployed on local servers to comply with high-security systems operating within your platform.

On Edge/Mobile
Our APIs can be used directly on the edge and mobile.

Easy Integration

Receive Support and Maintenance
Our AI specialist and software developer teams will assist you during AI roadmap from starting point of your company’s specifications and unique requirements to end point of integration, support and maintenance of our AI platforms and models.