DeepForensics Digital Forensic Platform

AI-driven DeepForensics allows users to analyze digital evidences from various sources including smartphones, computers, cloud storages and third-party and social media images. DeepForensics uses visual search and similarity, face recognition, image recognition and object detection models to discover digital evidences.

Key Capabilities

  • Creating relationship graphs for people who appear in the same pictures
  • Detecting pre-defined objects in the images such as drugs, guns, knives, nudity etc.
  • Scalable infrastructure to indexing and inferencing vectors of large scale image
  • Getting image search results for an existing database or folder item in seconds
  • Getting visual and text reports in many different formats for all results of evidences

Business Value

  • Reduce manual search for image evidences
  • Minimize the security risk with automatically analysis of digital images
  • Get actionable insights into your investigations
  • Find secret, crucial and additional evidences from your sources without any manual effort