ShelfWisdom Shelf Image Analytics

One of the major challenge for the retail sector is to ensure availability and planogram compliance in market shelves. ArtiNets ShelfWisdom provides an end-to-end solution to this problem with mobile application, AI models and web portal.

  • Mobile application is used to collect photos from the markets and upload them for analysis.
  • AI models check availability and location of individual products.
  • ShelfWisdom portal provides out of stock information and planogram compliance along with many other detailed reports.
  • Analysis reports can be exported in various formats.
  • Cloud based system is scalable and allows hundreds of transactions per second.
  • Highly accurate AI models require no humans in the loop.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time alerts of out-of-stock situations on web interface and smart friendly app
  • Continuous improvement in recognition models and accuracy
  • Dashboard to monitor performance results of trained models
  • Advance SKU detection models start from 95% recognition accuracy
  • Detection of the location of products on the shelves to avoid bad positioning
  • Comprehensive analytic reports of model response time, cost of out of stock, planogram and facing compliance

Business Value

  • Get actionable business insights
  • Minimize the risk of out-of-stock items
  • Access cost effective, high accuracy, near real-time and customized AI based models