TheWise AI Platform

TheWise AI Platform enables companies to automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models on their custom data for image classification, image segmentation and object detection scenarios. The platform allows users to upload labelled data, train AI models, evaluate and deploy them without coding. No Deep Learning experience is needed which lets the customer focus on other tasks instead of investing heavily on AI.

  • Image classification module enables companies to train deep learning models to classify their images according to their own defined labels.
  • Object detection module enables companies to build custom object detection models to detect defined objects in specific images with bounding boxes and labels according to their own annotated images.
  • Image segmentation module enables companies to build custom image segmentation models to identify objects in a given image and video data at a pixel level.
  • AI platform provides users with the options to evaluate their custom models by measuring the accuracy of the predictions and automatically creating detailed charts.
  • Users have the option to deploy the models to the cloud or on the premise.
  • The platform provides a web based user interface to train, evaluate and test their deep learning models.

Key Capabilities

  • Creating custom deep learning models without knowledge of programming and AI background.
  • Dashboard to monitor performance results of trained models
  • Handling any size of training data with robust computing power and super-scalable cloud servers.
  • Continuous improvement in recognition models and accuracy

Business Value

  • Reduce IT costs and speed up deployment
  • Get actionable business insights
  • Improving quality, revenue and safety